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T.T.T (Daft Punk): The Third Twin played last night at 0:00 (France Time) completely free in Justin.tv 10/2/2011

UPDATE: The Third Twin played last night  at 0:00 (France Time in 10/2/2011) fully free, they presented: "Until the end", a new track from a new Album: LIVE, after more than one hour of concert.

Yvan and Virgille in a live session

 Virgille Homem-Christo

  Yvan and Virgille Homem-Christo djing...

  Yvan and Virgille Homem-Christo djing...

  Virgille Homem-Christo 

 Yvan and Virgille Homem-Christo 

 Yvan  Homem-Christo playing the bass... 

 Yvan Homem-Christo

 Yvan and Virgille Homem-Christo djing together...

The Third Twin will release a new studio album composed by ten tracks soon . These tracks will be published under a one hour anime clip, produced by: Comic-Con.

Some captures from The Third Twin anime clip:

Paris, zeppelins and two djs...

 The Third Twin walking in the dark night...

Flying saucer on road...

Why aliens, animals, and music? The Third Twin support alien used music to program us, giving us our logical and mathematical knowledge.

As they said: "T.T.T is a project that proposes a new global society. We bet on the correct use of technology, we wonder about the purpose of human kind on earth, we urge to save the animals, and most importantly, all human beings work together as a single living organism. Would it make sense if any single cells in your body worked for itself? Obviously not; if we lay out a new way of working, a new form of communications and exploitation of raw materials we could end 90% of the most serious problems of our century.

If you listen to Technolers, you can imagine a creature depressed and sad for what he has seen but in his voice you can capture a glimmer of hope. That child is ready to change everything."

LAST INTERVIEW: Latest The Third Twin interview for Vogue (Italy press).

CONFIRMED: T.T.T are Guy Manuel´s nephews. 19/1/11

 Daft Punk got sample from T.T.T song called: "JUSTICE" uploaded on: 3/8/2010 for their song called:"DEREZZED" uploaded on 26/10/2010 two months later!!!
If there is no conection between Daft Punk and The Third Twin: ¿WHY DAFT PUNK SAMPLED T.T.T SONGS? very strange.
See this video for an explanation:
Yvan and Virgile Homem-Christo demanding Justice for their own uncles?:
Today, 13/1/11 The Third Twin´s youtube admin has uploaded three new songs:Euphoria, The Nightmare and Give Us Your Energy. But, someone forgot to change the names of the files. Some people could watch Yvan and Virgile names about 11:00 A.M., followed by the Guy-Manuel (half Daft Punk) surname.The Third Twin´s youtube admin had announced a new album remastered hours before.
The most curious about all this is that Guy-Manuel Homen-Christo is an uncle of two twins, as the French press know. We hope more information about them.
Here the fail:
How is possible that TTT got an inedit video from Tron Legacy one month before its relasing?
Can T.T.T travel to the time?, or maybe Daft Punk leaked their track "Outlands" ("Give Us Your Energy")?
This video was published by thousand of  magazines, a day later Disney censored it. ¿Why?
A makerting campaign by Disney? or Daft Punk and Disney strategy?
Here the video reuploaded by a youtube user:
Another video explaining the conflict:
Watch this video for an explanation:
Some photos about the twins (from Comic-Con, The Third Twin Stories):
The most recently interview:

Despite the many - even official - denials, some still suspect that behind The Third Twin, a mysterious electronic duo based in France, there are Daft Punk and that behind TTT's first (freely) downloadable album Homemade (Daft Punk’s first album was entitled, maybe not coincidentally, Homework) is a collection of "outtakes" from the Disney's Tron: Legacy soundtrack. In this exclusive interview for L'Uomo Vogue the two shed some light (or at least try to) on their identity and musical philosphy. Let’s get right to it: are you Daft Punk?

We are not Daft Punk, we are not another famous electronic duo either. 
The answer to who we are is much more complicated than that. For reasons that are irrelevant, our identity must remain secret. The Third Twin is a philosophical-musical project supported and protected by important organizations. For legal reasons, we can not talk about us or them.

Why did you choose to sound like Daft Punk (and in some songs like Justice)? And to use a title for your album that is really similar to that the first Daft punk album?

We have never tried to sound like anyone in particular. Many people are confused about French house music and think that French touch is someone's property. The use of synths, riffs, bass lines, vocoder, talk box and other equipment has not been patented by anyone. What Daft Punk and Justice have in common with The Third Twin is similar to what Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley have in common- only Rock & Roll. Our style is more oriented towards a more sentimental kind of music; we aim for our songs to reflect primary feelings such as euphoria, anger or personal improvement. The title “Homemade” was chosen because the album was recorded that way, in a basement without any professional equipment. It was all very homely: spliced cables, equipment that was 70 years old, damaged speakers ... etc.

Please, could you reveal us your identity?

As we mentioned before we can not reveal anything about us because it would jeopardize the project. Our fans should just enjoy. We do not seek fame. Our music can be downloaded free. Perhaps the best answer to who we are is that we will all be the Third Twin in the future.

How important is to create a buzz around a musical project in order to reach popularity?

None of our delegates and leaders has tried to create any buzz. The buzz is the result of some magazines looking for extra visibility. They do not contrast the news. We do not need any buzz or rumours to grow. The Third Twin receives numerous offers and requests for collaboration and interviews but we will never allow any rumours or lies to develop. These are not the values we want to transmit to our fans.

How important is the "form" in promoting music "substance".

Unfortunately in the world we live nowadays, in the music business marketing contributes to more than 80% of the success of a band. It is not difficult to find good unknown groups through social networks that are even better than some of the groups already established. Most of the music we listen to is usually of unknown and independent groups. As a recommendation for music lovers, we would suggest you to spend time finding un-promoted bands.

Try again: Please, could you reveal us your identity?

Nice try, but again people make a mistake if that matters is the image. Music should not be mixed with the band’s image.

What is the next thing in your future.

We have many music projects. On the one hand, we are currently in the studio working on a new sound for our next album and for the live shows. Moreover, our manager is planning a world tour. We do not usually have much free time and when we do have it, we love to give away free singles and new songs to our fans; they appreciate the music and the effort to post new topics on a regular basis. We like to give away free new songs to our fans; they appreciate the music and the effort to regularly post new tracks.

Who is the third twin?

The Third Twin is a project that proposes a new global society. We bet on the correct use of technology, we wonder about the purpose of human kind on earth, we urge to save the animals, and most importantly, all human beings work together as a single living organism. Would it make sense if any single cells in your body worked for itself? Obviously not; if we lay out a new way of working, a new form of communications and exploitation of raw materials we could end 90% of the most serious problems of our century.

If you listen to Technolers, you can imagine a creature depressed and sad for what he has seen but in his voice you can capture a glimmer of hope. That child is ready to change everything.

 How did you feel when your name was associated with Daft Punk?

Our spokesperson told us about this. People tend to relate us directly to Daft Punk. We not dislike the idea because it means that people have us in mind in the electronic music scene. We wish the best to our compatriots as they wish the best to us.
First interview knowed:
  D.S: Well, the big question is obvious, are you Daft Punk?
(TTT): (Concerned and thoughtful faces) Actually this question is something that disappoints us greatly, the music never must be confused with the image.
Comparisons are meaningless for us. And that the real reason for our project, the comparison between twins does not make sense, so the name The Third Twin.
D.S: You seem very energetic in 2010, so why independent, legal reasons?
(TTT): Independent music is really something that we had in our beginning.Large companies can help, but sometimes they put a lot of restrictions that are far from our style.

D.S: What about your new work?
(TTT): Homemade is something original, something we love to create, as in our beginning, more independent. The music is not represented in a linear way but rather intertwined, in which the environmental factor plays a fundamental role as a common thread of emotions, primary emotions.
The selection of human voices are more natural, more human and natural, our focus this time not in sound, if not what this sound induce emotionally.
Each Track talks about a particular emotion, as well as Evil Minds focuses on human grandeur, Americ Family talks about how in spite of technological advances we have paid a high price. Unlike Technolers in which technology serves. Arecibo´s Song as the possibility of establishing a contact, the union of different minds for a common goal.

D.S: Thanks for all
(TTT): Thanks

D.S: Eh bien, la grande question est évidente, êtes-vous Daft Punk?
(TTT): (concernés et les visages réfléchis) En fait, cette question est quelque chose qui nous déçoit beaucoup, depuis notre création, nous avons échappé le mercantilisme, la musique ne doit jamais être confondue avec l'image.Les comparaisons sont sans signification pour nous. Et que la vraie raison de notre projet, la comparaison entre des jumeaux n'a pas de sens, de sorte que le nom, le Twin troisième.

D.S: Vous semblez très énergique en 2010, alors pourquoi indépendants, des raisons juridiques?
(TTT): Eh bien, c'est une question de traiter avec notre manager. la musique indépendante est vraiment quelque chose que nous avions dans notre début.
Les grandes entreprises peuvent aider, mais parfois ils ont mis beaucoup de restrictions qui sont loin de notre style.
D.S: Quels sont vos nouveaux travaux?
(TTT): Homemade est quelque chose d'original, quelque chose que nous aimons créer, comme dans nos débuts, plus indépendant. La musique n'est pas représenté de façon linéaire mais plutôt entremêlés, dans lesquels le facteur environnemental joue un rôle fondamental en tant que fil conducteur des émotions, des émotions primaires.
La sélection des voix humaines sont de plus naturel, plus humain et naturel, notre objectif cette fois non pas dans le son, si ce n'est pas ce que ce son induire émotionnellement.
Chaque piste pourparlers sur une émotion particulière, ainsi que des Evil Minds se concentre sur la grandeur de l'homme, l'Amérique parle de la famille sur la façon dont, en dépit des avancées technologiques que nous avons payé un prix élevé. Contrairement Technolers où la technologie sert. Arecibo`s Song la possibilité d'établir un contact, l'union des esprits différents pour un objectif commun.
D.S: merci pour tous les
(TTT): merci
D.S: Bueno, la gran pregunta es obvia, ¿sois  Daft Punk?
(TTT): (que se trate y se enfrenta reflexivo) En realidad esta pregunta es algo que nos decepciona mucho, desde nuestros inicios hemos escapado de la comercialización, la música nunca debe ser confundida con la imagen.Las comparaciones no tienen sentido para nosotros. Y que la verdadera razón de nuestro proyecto, la comparación entre los gemelos no tiene sentido, por eso el nombre de El tercer gemelo.
D.S: Usted parece muy enérgico en el 2010, ¿por qué independientes, razones legales?
(TTT): La música independiente es realmente algo que teníamos en nuestros comienzos.
Las grandes empresas pueden ayudar, pero a veces te ponen un montón de restricciones que están lejos de nuestro estilo.
D.S: ¿Qué acerca de su nuevo trabajo?
(TTT): Homemade es algo original, algo que les encanta crear, como en nuestros comienzos, más independiente. La música no está representada de manera lineal, sino más bien entrelazadas, en los que el factor ambiental juega un papel fundamental como hilo conductor de las emociones, las emociones primarias.

La selección de las voces humanas son más naturales, más humano y natural, nuestro objetivo esta vez no en el sonido, si no lo que este sonido induce emocionalmente.
Cada pista habla acerca de una emoción particular, así como las Evil Minds se centra en la grandeza humana, Americ Family  habla acerca de cómo a pesar de los avances tecnológicos hemos pagado un alto precio. A diferencia de Technolers en que la tecnología sirve. Arecibo`s Song  se centra en la posibilidad de establecer un contacto, la unión de mentes diferentes para un objetivo común.

D.S: Gracias por todo
(TTT): Gracias

D.Sは:さて、大きな問題は、あなたはDaft Punkされ、明らかですか?

特定の感情については各トラックの交渉だけでなく、悪マインズは、人間の偉大さに焦点を当てますが、アメリカンファミリーの交渉がいかに技術の進歩にもかかわらず、我々は高い代償を支払っている。 Technolersとは異なり、技術を提供しています。連絡先、共通の目標のためのさまざまな心の組合を設立の可能性としてアレシボ歌。

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  3. awesome! very deep music, Daft Punk can sound nice yet, this is BETTET THAN the tron OST

    we want moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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  5. yes. all this its true, see lastfm, or twitter, people are crazy with this project, in facebook channel I was readen the argument, brilliant!

  6. Your YouTube videos are private. Please make Youtube videos public.

  7. http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll283/notjoeybloom/TTTDP.png?t=1294931338

    my screenshot of what happened this morning.... not exactly yvan and virgile

  8. If this is free publicity: "DAFT PUNK GO HOME!"
    Daft Punk are two old french persons, killed by their own nephews: Virgile and Yvan.
    Tron sucks
    Direkttt is awesome.
    Sorry for my bad english, but Daft Punk is dead since Discovery. Only two djs who lives from the intertia of their two helmets.
    TTT is better anyway.

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  10. Es buena su musica,me gusta mucho,peroq hagan mas cosas indepiendientes no con mezcla comercial,pero me encantan tambien igual.

  11. escuhad Direkttt de TTT es menos comercial y mas electronica

  12. Le troisième twin ne procurera qu'une partie de la solution. Paradigme programmé. L'utopie intemporelle réconforte. FOX lui donne de la puissance. Un changement doit s'installer par un canal audio subtile, mais de façon radicale. Bonne chance TTT. Carlitosauce.

  13. Siento que he captado la essencia de lo que ellos quieren dar a conocer...
    quien haya estudiado economia entendera el aspecto tecnico de eso.
    un artista hace lo que hace por amor al arte, quiere mostrarle al mundo lo que el quiere expresar, no por dinero.
    estube durante el concierto en vivo y muchos caian en el concepto erroneo de adorarlos por los rumores que la banda lleva a sus espaldas.
    anteriormente cuando ellos aseguraron no ser daft punk muchos fans de TTT se fueron y como evidencia esta la cantidad de reproducciones a sus videos.
    me alegro de que aun hayan personas que reconoscan a TTT por lo que son, por su musica, por su concepto.
    ellos no quieren hacer un nombre famoso, lo que ellos quieren es hacer musica.
    yo tambien soy The Third Twin.
    espero que pronto los demas entiendan quien es The Third Twin.

    soy fan de Daft Punk, pero tambien lo soy de The Third Twin.

    nota: Daft Punk tiene mas Funk, Rock y Disco.
    The third Twin es mas acido...
    y si Daft Punk hizo tron, fue por amor a tron.

    I feel I've captured the essencia of what they want to give out ...
    who has studied economics will understand the technical aspect of it.
    an artist does what he does for the sake of art, wants to show the world what he wants to express, not money.
    i was at the concert live, and many fell into the wrong concept of worship by rumors that the band is behind him.
    earlier, when they claimed not to be daft punk, many fans left and TTT as evidenced by the number of plays their videos.
    I am glad that people still have a TTT Acknowledge what they are, by their music, by its concept.
    they do not want to make a famous name, what they want is to make music.
    I am also The Third Twin.
    I hope that soon the others understand who is The Third Twin.

    I'm a fan of Daft Punk, but I am also The Third Twin.

    Note: Daft Punk has more Funk, Rock and Disco.
    The Third Twin is more acidic ...
    and if Daft Punk did tron, tron was for love.

  14. TTT has wiki page now!!!!

  15. I agree. Daft Punk is awesome but they don't own French Touch. Check this out:


    This guy claims David Guetta is influenced by French Touch style (which is maybe a little truth mixed with some French pride in there too. lol).